Saturday, December 16, 2006

If You Like Books, You'll Love This...

I was going through my usual batch of websites today when I stumbled across something very cool: LIBRARYTHING!!

Yes, it deserves both exclamation marks. LibraryThing will help you catalog books, search for books, and get book recommendations. The really fun part? Getting book suggestions, or better yet, un-suggestions. What are un-suggestions? Basically, if you give the search engine a title that you enjoy, it will give you a list of titles that you will probably dislike. It sounds odd, but it's fun. Click here to play: SUGGEST/UN-SUGGEST.

If you're serious about finding some good reads, I'd also recommend our databases. Both Novelist and What Do I Read Next? have some awesome search engines to help you find just the right book for you. Just click HERE to go to the database homepage and click on the little house beside Novelist or What Do I Read Next? to search from your home. (If you happen to be in the library, click the other icon!)

Happy Reading!


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