Friday, January 14, 2011

Building a Better Board

Are you on a board for a non-profit organization? Learn how to “Build a Better Board” at the library on Thursday January 20th at 12:00noon with a fantastic session via videoconference. An effective board, committed to a common vision and strategic leadership is perhaps the greatest asset of a non-profit organization. While dedicated, talented staff is critical, their time and energy is wasted without focus and policy direction. Recruiting, developing and retaining individuals to serve in board roles can be difficult and time consuming, but healthy organizations are willing to make a major investment of time and effort in these activities to build a strong organization. This session will include information on evaluating leadership needs, recruiting board members with necessary qualities and experience, developing board members to become effective leaders, and sustaining interest and commitment. This program is free and everyone is welcome to attend, so come learn how to create your board member dream team!

This videoconference brought to us from the Medicine Hat Public Library. The Brooks Public Library is a proud member of the RISE Network.

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